Xenofive is a reality formed from the unified dream of a team of technocrats – an ambitious set of promoters driven by business ethics, obsessed by the passion to inspire difference and bound by the common desire to excel. The company is managed by a team propelled by rich, relevant, versatile and combined experience of over 40 years in Public Service, Real Estate Investments, Construction and Information Technology. Xenofive’s growth has been attributed by the thrust on capitalizing each promoter’s individual strengths, respect for individual perspectives and adoption of Corporate Management Practices.
Kiran Parimi, CEO & Chairman

B.Tech (Civil) & Master’s degree in Management from I.I.T Kharagpur
Experience of 15 years in real estate investments & 10 years in construction
Worked in Customs and Excise department for a period of 9 years after getting
     selected through All India Civil Services Examination.
Sridhar Reddy Yettapu, Managing Director

Masters degree in Civil Engineering (Structures)
Worked in Border Roads Dept. & AP State Govt.
Got selected for Indian Engineering Services and had a brief stint in Border Roads.